The River Street Digital History Project book is done!

The first volume in the River Street Digital History project has finally been published. Living on the South Side of the Tracks: The River Street Digital History Project and Boise, Idaho is available for free download below. It is the culmination of archival research conducted since 2013 as part of the River Street Digital History Project. Basically, the text from the entire digital history project website has been converted into a PDF for easy consumption. Throughout the eBook, web links can be used to direct you to YouTube videos, pictures, and the GoogleEarth tour that are all hosted on the website. The idea is to make this information available in as many formats as possible and share this with the rest of the world.

River Street Project cover

Download your free copy of the River Street Digital History eBook

Don’t like reading on computer screens?

We know not everyone likes reading from a computer screen, which is why the eBook has also been converted for publication into an attractive paperback that you can purchase on CreateSpace and have shipped to your home. Follow the web link below to buy a copy from CreateSpace:

The goal of this project was to share knowledge. The internet is the best vehicle for spreading information that has ever been created, which is why this project is accessible to all who are interested regardless of how much money they have.